My thoughts on Classic Who “vs.” New Who


I kind of view being in the Doctor Who fandom as being in the TARDIS.

New Who fans are hanging out in the console room. It’s the room that’s responsible for where the TARDIS is going. Some people think that’s cause for derision, but the fact remains that they are aboard the TARDIS. If they choose never to leave the console room, that’s their decision, and I respect that.

Classic Who fans are more curious, seeking out the library, the tennis courts, the Zero Room. They’re not afraid of cheesy special effects, and find joy rather than pain in hammy overacting. They’ve decided that the console room is terrific and all, but they want to see what else the TARDIS has to offer.

And when you get to the Extended Universe fans, well, then you’ve gone off the deep end. Of the TARDIS swimming pool. Which EU fans have found, mapped out and thoroughly explored.

If you want to hang out in the console room, that’s cool. I’ll bring some comfy cushions and we can talk about how awesome Chris and David and Matt are, what we want to see with Peter, favorite Christmas specials, all sorts of lovely things.

If you’re a TARDIS explorer, I’ll help you out as best I can, with recommendations and things I’ve discovered that few people know about. (Example: the special feature “Five Doctors, One Studio” on the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Five Doctors. Watch it. You’ll be glad you did.)

And if you’re on the deep end of the pool, I’ll make Scherzo jokes with you, have good-natured Chapter-on-Chapter “arguments,” make jokes about touching plants and we can toast the reign of His Majesty King Nicholas Briggs.

My point? All Doctor Who is good Doctor Who. All Doctor Who fans are real Doctor Who fans.